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Why is Facade Lighting necessary?

Facade lighting is necessary for its ability to enhance architectural aesthetics, create memorable visual experiences, increase visibility and safety, reinforce brand identity, add vibrancy to urban landscapes, promote architectural heritage, and prioritize energy efficiency. It plays a crucial role in transforming buildings into landmarks, fostering a sense of identity, and contributing to the overall visual appeal and liveliness of our cities.


What do we provide?

At Qubix,

we specialize in providing advanced corporate facade lighting solutions that elevate the visual impact of your building, create a captivating ambiance, and showcase your corporate identity. Our innovative lighting designs, cutting-edge technologies, and customized solutions enhance the architectural aesthetics of your building, while also offering energy efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. With our expertise in corporate facade lighting, we transform your building into a visually striking landmark that captivates both clients and passersby.

We will assess your specific needs and analyze and determine the perfect solution that enhance the architectural features of your building.

We  provide equipment such as lighting accessories, Software and Programming Tools, Maintenance and Monitoring Systems, etc.

We will design a customized lighting solution system that makes your corporate facade, a canvas to display your brand identity and create a memorable visual experience.

Finally, our certified professional engineers will install the setup for your ultimate brand identity from a far sight.

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