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Brand experience centres immerse their visitors in the world of a brand with the aim of attracting (potential) consumers. This is important because consumers are overwhelmed by the huge supply of products. They increasingly make their choices based on their feelings, emotions, involvement and recognition in a product or service.



A brand experience centre is the place to profile your brand in a different manner. In your brand experience centre there are no challenging competitors and visitors are absorbed by the story of your brand. This may include its special history, the unique product characteristics or future sustainable solutions. Your brand experience centre is an opportunity to attract consumers to your brand for the longer term.

In addition to stimulating sales, a brand experience centre for the industrial market may have another purpose which lets your relations experience a unique environment. This may be a virtual tour of a special production process which, due to safety measures, is normally not accessible. Or an innovation lab in which you work together with your relations on experimental developments of your product. Another example is a physical space creating a total experience that your specific product is part of. 

A more forward marketing approach is the key to combat today’s marketplace that is oversaturated with advertising. This will help better attract your target audience and engage them with your brand. Expertly designed experiential environments can differentiate your company from competitors and provide the personal and emotional touchpoints that drive customer loyalty. Because of Image Options’ long history of providing visual communication and display solutions, we were perfectly positioned to expand into offering comprehensive environments, from initial design and strategy through production and installation.


Our AV & design experts are ready to help with customized solutions for your unique requirements. Contact us via phone for in-home / office appointment and more.



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